Seshin about ENDGAME *spoiler alert*



Welcome Back!

This week I brought back my friend Carlin K because both of us have a passion for all things superhero sooo as you can assume this sesh is about ENDGAME! if you haven't seen it don't listen! Unless you really want to...

Seshin for the Ladies


Welcome Back to the Sesh!

Today I have a special guest, one of my besties Carlin Kinlow and were gonna get into all the tea on relationships and boys!

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Seshin with Dom



Fun fact about me one of my favorite things to do is TRAVEL and I got to go to Rio last week for my fathers birthday. It was amazing and cleansing I got to just clear my head and I realized so much about out generation. Today, I brought on my friend Dom to digest, take a listen!


Seshin for LA


Welcome Back!

Enjoy this tea as I have an open discussion with Jaren Johnson, my boyfriend and another LA native, as we discuss Nipsey Hussle, the relationship between the successful and the hood & more!

Seshing for Nip


Hey Guys!

Ive been feeling so down since I heard about Nipsey Hussle. As a LA native it just affects me deeper than it may most. Here is my 2 cents.

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Seshing with Jackson Webster (1)


Thanks for tuning in! Here is a raw interview of Jackson Webster my dear friend who is leaving chapman, we shared a radio show together and this is our last time sharing the mic.


Hope you enjoy!